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XOne Plus

With the efficient all-in-one solution DIGITAX XOne Plus, you have all important tools for your driver in one single device.

TARIS Driver im Startscreen auf dem DIGITAX XOne

Four in One

Navigation, taximeter, telephone, driver's app - fast and clean via one single device. The clearly arranged control panel on the large display makes all necessary entries child's play.

Fast and effective

Order processing, from acceptance to subsequent entry of important information after completion of the order, can be carried out quickly and easily.

TARIS Driver in der Auftrags-Detail-Ansicht auf dem DIGITAX XOne

A new order?

All the important information is clearly arranged and can be viewed in detail, if required.

TARIS Driver im Pausescreen auf dem DIGITAX XOne

Working time recording

Shift and break times are easily recorded and are available for further processing.

TARIS Driver in der Tachostandabfrage auf dem DIGITAX XOne

Mileage overview

The mileage recorded by the driver is linked to the electronic shift sheet.

TARIS Driver im Loginscreen auf dem DIGITAX XOne

Secure communication

Protect sensitive customer data with the secure end-to-end encryption of TARIS Driver.

TARIS Driver im Telefon auf dem DIGITAX XOne

Stay in contact

XOne is equipped with an integrated telephone module. The driver can make a call via a telephone book or a keypad.

TARIS Driver im Startscreen auf dem DIGITAX XOne

Individual features

Customise the device features for your company’s needs.

Kombinieren Sie TARIS Driver auf dem DIGITAX XOne mit einem INGENICO Kartenzahlungs-Terminal

Accept credit card payment

Offer your customers the best service when paying. With a ZVT-capable cash terminal you accept common credit and EC cards. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Öffnen Sie die SYGIC Navigation aus TARIS Driver auf dem DIGITAX XOne

From order to navigation

Sygic's professional navigation software can be opened directly from within the order. The journey can begin.


Features that make your work easier

Order management

  • Navigation directly from the order
  • Call directly from order
  • Subsequent recording of fares


  • Push-to-talk
  • Text messages
  • Integrated telephone module

Working time recording

  • Shift and break time recording
  • Driver and passenger registration
  • The current working time can be viewed by the driver

Optional accessories

  • Receipt printer
  • Internal taximeter (different colours available)
  • Connection of an external taximeter: DIGITAX F1, HALE SPT02 and HALE SPT03
  • Navigation (SYGIC)
  • Card payment (INGENICO)
  • Panic Button


  • Target areas
  • Passenger registration
  • Integrated telephone


  • Secure end-to-end encryption between TARIS-Dispatch and TARIS-Driver
  • Emergency call function

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