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TARIS-Dispatch - Disposition für Personenbeförderer

More transparency

TARIS Dispatch is an efficient fleet management system that helps your dispatcher to plan orders as economically as possible for drivers or vehicles. No matter whether taxi, rental car, limousine service, courier or rescue service.

Das Flottenmanagement System TARIS-Dispatch hat eine übersichtliche Fahrzeugbelegung

Visualised vehicle assignment

To keep you well-informed at all times, TARIS Dispatch presents utilisation of your vehicles live and in a well-structured timeline.

TARIS-Dispatch Fahrtenvermittlung und Auftragserfassung

Flexible order recording

You can determine the sequence in which order information appears in the order screen. Items with high relevance are given the first priority this way. You are also able to activate only required input fields. For optimal overview in the TARIS Dispatch drive agent with personalisation options.

TARIS-Dispatch Fahrtenvermittlung und Fahrzeug Ortung

Know who is where

Your vehicles will be tracked live and shown on the map along with the current orders. The presentation uses map or satellite view depending on the information needed. At the same time, you can stay up to date about the current traffic situation.

TARIS-Dispatch Fahrtenvermittlung und automatische Vorplanung

Professional planning of drives

The TARIS Dispatch drive agent permits manual and automatic order pre-planning. Where possible, orders are processed in sequence by a small number of vehicles. Empty drives are avoided, and your customers are collected on time and reliably.

TARIS-Driver - Fahrer APP für Personenbeförderer

Transfer of the drive

Once the order has been set up, it is assigned to a matching driver for execution. The driver will see the order details in the TARIS-Driver APP in a well-structured manner.

Features that make your work easier

Travel organisation

  • Automatic procurement
  • Order templates
  • Preliminary planning
  • Route optimisation
  • Complete order history
  • Several addresses (interim destinations) per order

Map and location

  • GPS tracking (current and past position)
  • Satellite and road map
  • Orders, vehicles, areas and vehicle sites on the map
  • The traffic situation is visually displayed


  • Connection to your telephone system
  • Automatic customer and caller identification
  • Calling a driver from TARIS Dispatch
  • Call history
  • Automatic booking


  • Push-to-talk
  • Text messages
  • Receiving photo messages
  • Sending text messages

Working time recording

  • Shift and break time evaluation
  • Driver and codriver shifts can be distinguished


  • Work area individually adjustable for each user
  • User authorisations
  • Individual order screen


  • CSV export (.csv)
  • TARIS API (individual interface to third-party software possible)
  • Taxi Butler
  • Taxi Deutschland and cab4me
  • Taxi Collect


  • Target areas
  • Easy drag-and-drop operation
  • Multifunction input
  • Area history (when was who in which area)
  • Capacity scheduling
  • Order confirmation with individual texts


  • Secure end-to-end encryption between TARIS-Dispatch and TARIS-Driver
  • Emergency call feature


Data often have to be exchanged between systems from different manufacturers. With TARIS API, which is easy to integrate, all data and features of the TARIS product family can be exchanged and used.

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