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Teamwork at the next level

More flexible, more efficient, safer - With our proven and reliable APP for smartphones, tablets and DIGITAX terminals, you can ensure perfect cooperation between your drivers and dispatchers.

Order dispatch as fast as lightning

Distribute your orders with all the important information for your drivers in real time. If an order is accepted, you can switch directly to navigation and the journey begins. Once the order has been completed, any other details such as fare, signature, driver's note and much more can be entered.

Localisation in real time

In order to use the vehicle fleet as efficiently as possible, rapid localisation is indispensable. TARIS Driver transmits the current GPS positions immediately and in an individually adjustable interval (max. 5 seconds).

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The line to your drivers

Stay in touch and communicate with your colleagues via push-to-talk or text messages. With a simple tap of your finger you can record a voice message - perfect for exchanging important information even in stressful situations. And if words are no longer enough, send a photo of the current events.

Kartenzahlung über SUMUP mit TARIS Driver

Accept credit card payment

Offer your customers the best service - even when paying. Whether by the latest contactless technology or by chip – you are directly connected to TARIS Driver and the money is in your account immediately. Fast, reliable, no monthly fixed charges, no rent and no contract.

DIGITAX F1 OTA Bluetooth Taxameter mit TARIS Driver

Reading the taximeter

With TARIS Driver, your dispatcher is always informed about the current status (free/busy) of your taximeter or odometer. In addition, all trip and shift data provided by your supplier (DIGITAX, HALE, SEMITRON and KIENZLE) are transferred and available in TARIS route sheets for evaluation. Talk to us, we will advise you about the ideal application for your company.

Bluetooth Belegdrucker mit TARIS Driver

Confirm services

Connect your receipt printer to TARIS Driver via Bluetooth to confirm your services. Header and footer of the receipt can be adapted to your company, relevant information is taken over by TARIS Driver. Contact us for the choice of a compatible receipt printer.

TARIS Driver Startscreen

Safely connected

As a passenger transport provider, you know that sensitive data must be exchanged regularly between drivers and headquarters. To ensure that these data remain protected, communication is exclusively encrypted end-to-end.

Exactly the way you like it

You decide in which order job information is shown on your display. Are certain points of little relevance to your company? Just hide them for a better overview.

Features that make your work easier

Order management

  • Newcomer orders
  • Newcomers via customer card
  • Navigation directly from the order
  • Phone call directly from order
  • Fare follow-up
  • Recording of the signature
  • Creation of advance orders by the driver


  • Push-to-talk
  • Text messages
  • Sending photos
  • Message history

Working time recording

  • Shift and break time recording
  • Driver and passenger registration
  • The current working time can be viewed by the driver

Optional accessories

  • Receipt printer
  • Taximeter connection via Bluetooth: DIGITAX, HALE, SEMITRON and KIENZLE
  • Card payment
  • Navigation


  • Target areas
  • Passenger registration
  • Map with the current GPS position of your colleagues
  • Multilingual (German, English)
  • Barcode scanner (on request)


  • Secure end-to-end encryption between TARIS-Dispatch and TARIS-Driver
  • Driver registration via NFC chip
  • Emergency call feature

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